Advisory Fee

Whats the cost to work with us? 

When working with a financial advisor, whether it be us or another firm, an important question to ask is “how do you get paid?”. There are multiple service platforms out there that will dictate both how your advisor is compensated and the recommendations they’re able to make.

At West Invest, we are independent, fee-based advisors and are paid 1% of the assets we manage, taken out quarterly. We feel this is the most transparent way to invest and allows us to work toward a common goal, growing your net worth. When we run into a scenario where a particular commission-able option is best for the client, we do have the ability to help the client in those situations. In these scenarios we strive to make it clear on what you are paying before you decide on a financial solution.

With this compensation structure, our goal is to add priceless value without having to nickel and dime you for every service. This all-in fee for us allows you to receive better service and a high level of care. Contact us today to get started.