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LPL Account View

Account view provides secure online access to view your financial accounts at LPL. Allowing you the ability to be up to date on how your investments are performing when it is convenient for you. Account View also stores all your statements, tax documents and trade confirmations electronically. Giving you the options to not have to store them yourselves Click the link below to access Account View.                                                                         

Access LPL Account View

West Invest Portal

A secure portal that helps you organize your financial life by having the ability to link all your financial account on one site. This gives you a great picture of your whole financial situation at one spot. It also provides several useful financial tools like the vault, where you can store all your important financial documents online like your estate and insurance documents securely and easily accessible for you. For us the portal plays a very integrated part in our planning process by providing us with several wealth  management tools for us to utilize.

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Guided Wealth Portfolio

Invest for your future with a digital investment platform that combines the benefits of a personal financial advisor with sophisticated technology. Through our Guided Wealth Portfolios (GWP) investment platform, you get our experience and guidance with the added convenience and transparency of a 24/7 digital investing strategies.

To learn more about the platform click HERE

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Client Resources

Account View Guides

For first time users open a guide on how to get started HERE.

You can access Account View from your computer, tablet, or mobile device. You will need to have your email open in order to retrieve a verification message. You will also need to have one account number in order to validate your identity.

Go Digital with Account View highlights some of the benefits of using it. 

After you have logged in to Account View. Going Paperless Guide provides a step by step instruction on how to receive all your correspondence from LPL electronically. 

West Invest Portal Guides

West Invest Portal Guides

The portal has many useful tools to help you get your financial life organized. To get a good overview on what these tools are click HERE.

How to add accounts to your personal portal to give you a clear picture of your financial well being. 

The vault is one of our favorite tools for helping you get organized. You can upload documents from your Desk Top or from your Mobile Device.