Who We Serve

At West Invest, we don’t define who we can and can’t work with based on net worth or investable assets. We enjoy working with good people who value our mutual relationship of integrity and those who want to bring value to this world. We specialize in helping those living in retirement, families preparing for retirement, and clients going through major life transitions. We provide comprehensive financial planning services including estate planning, tax planning, wealth management, risk management and more.

Working With Out-Of-Town Clients

Although our office is located in Bellingham, WA, we serve clients throughout Whatcom County and throughout the country. We do this successfully by communicating in the most convenient manner for you - by phone, email, or video conference. Using planning software and a highly secure client vault to exchange documents, we strive to provide an experience for our out-of-town clients that is as positive as it is for our local clients.

Helping You Plan For Life's Big Moments And Everything In Between

<b>Living in Retirement</b>

Living in Retirement

You’ve worked hard for your assets and retirement is the time to enjoy them. With proper planning, we can help you pursue the Golden Years you’ve dreamed of. Whether you want to travel the world, spend more time with family, or pick up a new hobby, our retirement planning strategies can help you work toward getting there. Transition from wealth accumulation to wealth distribution with our Social Security planning, tax planning, and pension utilization strategies, among others.

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<b>Planning for Retirement</b>

Planning for Retirement

Planning for retirement while you’re still in your working years is a great way to get ahead and prepare for this important transition. We can help you budget for your children’s education, pay off your home, afford your daily expenses, and make saving for retirement a priority.

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<b>Experiencing a Life Transition</b>

Experiencing a Life Transition

Whether you just lost a spouse, are growing your family, are taking care of your aging parents, selling a business or are starting a new job, we can help you manage your finances during life’s many transitions. During these times of change, you likely have many questions and we’re here to answer them.

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